First full day back from Barcelona!

We can’t believe how fast this trip flew by!  There was so much we loved about the culture of Spain and their style of playing field hockey. For the last blog we wanted to wrap up our entire experience and interviewed our teammates about some of their top favorites about Barcelona!

Favorite food:

Meg: “The gelato….everyday”

Ktb: “The crepes”

Beks: “Paella, chocolate croissants, crepes, gelato, bread with olive oil (haha love them all)…the coffee con leche was also banging!”

Alli: ”Paella”

Tay: “Lunch in Sitges with my Birds”

Analisa: “Banana Nutella crepes”

Favorite site:

Meesh: “Sitges beach and the cute shops there”

Kiera: “Sitges”

Ellen: “Visiting the different churches”

Fiske: “ Riding the cable car up the mountain to Monserrat”

Emma: “La Sagrada familia”

Morgan: “The city of Barcelona”

Favorite field hockey moment:

Maura: “Watching the FC Barcelona field hockey game”

Kdubs: “Being able to play on the water based turf and score some sick reverse shots”

Maddy D: “Watching Borja’s game!”

Tarah: “Watching Eduard do the 1v1’s because it was so different!”

Soph: “Second half of our last game”

Funniest moment:

Ellie: “The headphones game”

Coll: “Rooming with Sophia”

Kimmy: “When Ellen had to climb through the window of her room because she was locked out”

Hayley: “Coach: ‘You are all smart, beautiful, athletic…horrendous singers’”

MT: “The headphones game”

Overall, the trip was such an amazing and once in a lifetime experience! The sites — Barcelona itself, Sitges, Tarragona, Montserrat, Park Guell, La Sagrada Familia, and Girona were all beautiful. The food was incredible from the delicious crepes, paella, gelato, and pastries. We learned so much from Borja and Eduard about field hockey, and gained more experience playing the Spanish teams. And we have brought home memories that will last a lifetime. The team as a whole is sad the trip is over, but there is so much promise as we look to the 2014 season!  

Love, love, love

Meg, Maddy B, and Emma

The Birds are back in town! 

After a very fun and exciting trip, we are back in the states. We had a long day of traveling. Leaving Calella at 9:15 a.m. (Central European time) we were off to the airport. After a sad goodbye to our wonderful tour guide, Aina, we went through passport check and embarked on our first flight.  Our nine-hour flight resulted in several novels being read cover-to-cover and a few swollen feet.

While we waited for our flight back to DC, we spent our layover reminiscing on the memories we made it Spain. It was hard to believe such an amazing experience that we had spent so much time preparing for was coming to a close.

The second flight went by in the blink of an eye and before we knew it we were touching down in DCA. Everyone was very happy to be able to use their phones and tell their loved ones about our arrival without desperately needing a wifi (pronounce wee-fee) password. Despite the remorse of the end of our trip, after 20 hours everyone is very happy to be back, but it is bittersweet. 

It’s hard for all of us to believe that after spending every moment together for the last 2 weeks, we’ll be apart for two and a half months. Now we’re all prepared to kick it into high gear and get ready for the 2014 season. 

Adios España and hello DC!

-Beks & MT

Our last visit was to Girona. Lonely Planet: “A tight huddle of ancient arcaded houses, grand churches, climbing cobbled streets and medieval baths, and Catalonia’s most extensive and best-preserved Call (medieval Jewish quarter), all enclosed by defensive walls and the lazy Río Onyar, constitute a powerful reason for visiting north Catalonia’s largest city, Girona.”

Hola from Maura & Maddy D!

Our last day here in Spain has arrived.  This morning we were all able to sleep in and get some rest after our tough game last night! Many of us woke up to do some last minute shopping in the town of Calella, while others like Maura and Ellen took a morning siesta.

Then we boarded the bus for one last tourist excursion to the town of Girona, one of the four capitals of Catalonia. We explored the quaint town, enjoying its shops, looking at the traditional Spanish architecture, and enjoying some gelato! Several of us ate dinner at small cafés before getting caught in a giant thunderstorm. After dinner we headed to the Lluro Hockey Club, where our training sessions were held, to take on their top club team.

With superb performances all over the field and incredible goals from Kimmy, Taylor, and Morgan, we challenged this team and the game ended in a 5-5 tie. In this game we put together all of the skills we learned and developed in our training sessions and previous two games, and were able to see an awesome payoff! Playing against these top international teams has challenged us to play to our potential and beyond for an unforgettable experience on the field.  Everything we have learned from our training sessions, from watching the men’s field hockey game and from our competition, will go towards our play in the fall.

Thank you to everyone who followed our blog over the last week.  We will see all you soon, as our time in Spain comes to a close.


Maura and Maddy D